Bring the magic of Christmas into your home this year!

Magical Santa Claus Video Call – Live from the Enchanting North Pole!

Live Video Call with Santa and keep the recorded video as a keepsake and to share with family and friends.

Zoom calls are available from NOW until Christmas Eve!

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Goodbye Long Waits...

Ditch the lines! Dive into a Santa Claus video call from the convenience of your home, school, or workplace. Select timings tailored to your schedule, steering clear of mall frenzy and public space hustle. Revel in the serenity of a virtual visit with Santa from the sanctum of your living space.

Welcome to the Future: Santa Claus Video Calls!

Who needs the hassle of dressing up, driving miles, and braving long lines, just for a photo-op? Rekindle the magic of Christmas right from your couch. All you need are your favorite pajamas and a mug of steamy cocoa.

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A Unique Encounter

Why squander precious hours at crowded malls when you can create priceless memories at home? Our virtual Santa visit offers more than a call—it promises a heartfelt, personalized interaction with Santa himself. Imagine authentic conversations, bursting with joy, laughter, and memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Personalized Preparation

Prior to your virtual rendezvous, share snippets about your family—be it pets, teachers, or a memorable Christmas tale. Santa will ingeniously weave these details into the session, illuminating your child’s face with awe and magnifying the Yuletide magic.

Comfortable and Cozy

Your child will revel in familiarity. Forget the unease of unfamiliar surroundings or sitting on a stranger’s lap. Instead, visualize a laid-back conversation with Santa, all while sipping cocoa in your snug pajamas.

Authentic North Pole Experience

Transport yourself directly to Santa’s dwelling! Watch as Santa settles by a crackling fireplace or as he busies himself in his mystical workshop. This isn’t your mall-themed setup—it’s the genuine North Pole ambience. And remember, Santa’s got a big night ahead; he isn’t just lounging at shopping centers!

Mementos to Cherish

Concluding your magical tryst, we’ll dispatch a keepsake video link capturing your personalized engagement with Father Christmas. An artifact ensuring the Christmas spirit lingers, year after year.

Virtual Santa Visits vs. Traditional Mall Visits

Video Visit Mall Visit
Hok Safety First Safety First!
No need to worry about health concerns,
especially during flu seasons or pandemics.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Hok Flexible Time Schedule at Your Convenience
Flexible timings without being tied down to mall hours.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Hok Personal Touch Personal Touch
Share special details with Santa beforehand for a personalized chat.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Hok Cost Effective Cost-Effective
Save on travel, parking, and incidental expenses.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Hok No Lines No Waiting in Lines!
Say goodbye to long, tiring queues.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Hok Home Comfort of Home
Enjoy the interaction in your pajamas, sipping hot cocoa.
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Ready for a new tradition?

Book your virtual Santa visit today at the House of Kringle

Why Choose House of Kringle?

Santa reading to friends at the House of Kringle
Santa reading to friends at the House of Kringle

With House of Kringle, engage with Santa as if he’s right beside you. Behold as he narrates tales, hums carols, and ardently answers questions, capturing the aspirations of children of all age brackets.

While most online Santa interactions offer fleeting, generic meetings, often capping participants and curtailing duration, we at House of Kringle pride ourselves on facilitating a tailor-made, enduring liaison with Santa.

Top-Notch Visual Experience

Your virtual communion with Santa beams directly from his authentic North Pole abode. Leveraging cutting-edge HD cameras and state-of-the-art lighting, we guarantee a visual spectacle par excellence. Bypassing faux backdrops and green screens, your dialogue with Santa will unfurl amidst the authentic setting of his lounge or his bustling workshop.

Moreover, your keepsake video will be adeptly personalized, spotlighting your children’s names. Envision the sheer joy as they discern their name glittering on the screen!

Your virtual visit with Santa Claus will beam directly from his genuine residence at the North Pole. Harnessing state-of-the-art HD cameras and sophisticated lighting, we promise a visual treat unlike any other. Bypassing artificial photo backdrops and green screens, your immersive chat with Santa unfolds either in the snug ambiance of his fireplace lounge or amidst the enchanting bustle of his clandestine workshop. Dive into an authentic glimpse of Santa’s world!

Moreover, your treasured keepsake video will be finely customized to spotlight the names of the children. Just picture the delight and surprise radiating from their eyes as they spot their name shimmering on screen!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The price of a Santa Claus Video Call starts at $80.00 for a twelve-minute video chat on weekday days. The price of the visit increases based on video call duration and time of day.

A twelve-minute session is a sufficient time for up to three children. Additional time can be booked for more participants or activities (reading a story, singing a song, etc.). Santa is a pro and knows how to keep the visit moving along.

Santa Claus Video Calls may be scheduled up to thirty (30) days in advance and at least four (4) hours before for same-day bookings.

A laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with a camera is the only equipment you’ll need. For the best experience, we recommend using the current version of the Zoom app instead of an Internet browser.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire during the booking process that includes the details of the call’s participants. If more than three (3) children are participating in the call, please make a note in the questionnaire, and we will contact you directly with instructions on how to provide us with the details for the additional children.
  1. Log into the session ten (10) minutes before your scheduled start time to verify that your camera and microphone settings are working correctly.
  2. If connected via WIFI, cut back on Internet usage in your home. Online services like streaming music, online video games, and other data-intensive activities can degrade the video quality during your virtual Santa visit.
  3. Make sure there is ample light for your camera to do its job and for Santa to see your face.

You may reschedule your video call with Santa Claus directly within the scheduling software up to four (4) hours before your scheduled start time. However, we can’t promise that Santa’s schedule will be able to accommodate your rescheduling request – he does get busy in the days leading up to Christmas Eve!

You can find a rescheduling link in the confirmation email you received after booking your virtual visit.

Santa will wait for you to five (5) minutes after the scheduled start time.

Yes! You will receive a keepsake video of the entire conversation that your whole family will cherish forever. Your keepsake video will be delivered via email within 48 – 72 hours of your scheduled time in the form of an unlisted YouTube video link.

Please note that in extremely rare circumstances, technical difficulties prevent recording the video call with Santa Claus. House of Kringle will not be held liable for technical difficulties beyond our control.

What Our Clients Say

Mary Miller
Read More
I booked Santa (aka House of Kringle) to zoom bomb my kids 8th grade zoom and my other child's 5th grade zoom. He was punctual, had a real background and played the part well. For the 8th graders he gave them a pep talk about being courageous during this time, talked about video games with the kids and played a guess the picture game with them on zoom. Most of all, he blew them away with his knowledge of video games. LOL.

For the 5th grade class, he answered all kinds of crazy questions from the kids and handled them very well! And since they're a bit older, he just spent time talking to them about the spirit of Christmas, kindness and the true meaning of it all, the things we as parents try to emphasize especially this holiday. They definitely were perplexed by the real mustache and beard and even after Santa logged off, they spent the remainder of their day trying to guess whose dad he was. Hilarious!

I can't thank him enough for the joy he brought to our kids zoom day. A little silliness and joy bring so much to the holiday!! Thanks Santa!

Santa's Calendar Books Up Fast!

Act now! Spaces at the House of Kringle fill up quickly! Share your email, and we’ll keep you ahead of the curve before spots run out!

Modern Magic with Time-Honored Tradition

Our Santa Claus is more than just festive icon; he’s a seasoned narrator, all set to mesmerize your child through a bespoke virtual journey.

Comfortable Secure

Comfortable & Secure

Connect with Santa directly from your home's coziness and security. Say goodbye to crowded malls, endless queues, and undue hassle.

Live Enthralling

Live & Enthralling

Streamed straight from the North Pole, it promises non-stop excitement from beginning to end!

Treasured Moments

Treasured Moments

An enchanting experience for all family members. Instantly share your memorable video with everyone dear to you.


Tailored Just for Your Child

Every child is unique. We craft a one-of-a-kind experience, making it a memory they'll hold close forever.

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