Bring the magic of Christmas into your home this year!

Enjoy a Magical Santa Claus Video Call – Live from the North Pole!

Experience a live video call with Santa! Add a recorded video as a keepsake to share with family and friends.

Our packages are available from NOW until Christmas Eve!

Zoom Call Santa Claus

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Avoid the Long Lines

Tired of battling the crowds just to see Santa? Let’s make it easy. Santa can pop into your living room, classroom, or office with just a click! Choose a time, and let’s start the holiday cheer!

Welcome to a New Tradition!

Let’s skip the fancy dress-up and long drives for a quick pic. Imagine this instead: you’re cozy on your couch, hot cocoa in hand, diving straight into the Christmas magic.

What to Expect in Your Video Call with Santa

A couple of clicks and voila! Your little ones are chatting away with Santa, telling him their wishes, and listening to stories straight from the North Pole. And guess what? You might even get a behind-the-scenes look at Santa’s workshop!

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Our Packages

Gift your child priceless memories they’ll cherish forever. No malls, no lines, no stress. Just Santa!

Basic Bash

Your Gateway to Santa's Magical World
$ 54
  • Enjoy a 10-minute live video call
    with Santa Claus
  • Personal interaction for children to share wish lists.
  • Option to extend call by 10 minutes at Checkout

Memory Maker

Capture the Magic, Cherish the Moment
$ 74
  • Includes all features of Santa's
    Basic Bash.
  • Receive a keepsake video recording of the call.
  • Create lasting holiday memories to revisit and share with family and friends.

Ultimate Experience

The Pinnacle of Santa's Virtual Visit
$ 94
  • Includes all features of Santa's
    Memory Maker.
  • Personalized Video Message
  • Perfect to watch on Christmas Eve, reminiscing the visit

Hurry! Spaces fill up quickly at the House of Kringle!

Book now—Santa’s schedule is filling up fast! Sign up to stay informed about available slots.

Why Choose Virtual Santa Visits?

Don’t waste hours in crowded malls. Create priceless memories at home with our virtual Santa visit. Our Santa video calls are more than just a chat. They’re a personal and special conversation with Santa. Imagine authentic conversations, filled with joy, laughter, and memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Santa Video Calls Compared to Mall Visits

Video Visit Mall Visit
Safety First!
No health concerns, especially during cold and flu season.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Book a time that suits you,
without worrying about mall opening hours.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Personal Touch
Share special details with Santa beforehand for a personalized chat.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Save on travel, parking, and incidental expenses.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
No Waiting in Lines!
Say goodbye to long, tiring queues.
Hok Thumbs Up Green Hok Thumbs Down Red
Comfort of Home
Enjoy the interaction in your pajamas, sipping hot cocoa.
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Choose House of Kringle for a Magical Experience

With House of Kringle, Santa isn’t just a call away—he’s right there with you, singing, storytelling, and sparking your child’s imagination. It’s a personal touch you won’t find just anywhere.

A Visual Treat Awaits You

Your virtual visit with Santa Claus will come directly from his genuine residence at the North Pole. Get ready for your screens to light up with the most amazing Santa visit—crystal-clear and bright, like you’re right there at the North Pole! Forget artificial photo backdrops and green screens; your immersive chat with Santa unfolds either in the cozy ambiance of his fireplace lounge or amidst the enchanting bustle of his clandestine workshop. Dive into an authentic glimpse of Santa’s world!

Moreover, your treasured keepsake video will be finely customized to spotlight the names of the children. Just imagine the delight and surprise radiating from their eyes as they spot their name shimmering on screen!

Modern Magic with Time-Honored Tradition

Here at House of Kringle, we’re mixing a pinch of old-school Christmas charm with a dash of the latest tech to cook up an unforgettable Santa visit for you. This isn’t just a fleeting video call; it’s an authentic, real-time engagement with the world’s most cherished Christmas figure. Here’s where tradition meets innovation, crafting the future of holiday memories.

Comfortable Secure

Comfortable & Secure

Kick back, stay snug, and have a heartwarming chat with Santa, all from your favorite cozy corner. We've got the security covered, so it's just you, Santa, and all the comfort of home.

Live Enthralling

Live & Enthralling

Imagine your child's face lighting up during a live chat with Santa! It's not just a call; it's an energetic, off-the-cuff adventure with the big man himself, brimming with surprises and laughs.

Treasured Moments

Treasured Moments

Every giggle, every gasp of wonder, every sweet moment is captured when your child chats with Santa. These aren't just calls; they're keepsakes, memories you'll replay and cherish for years to come


Tailored Just for Your Child

Your kiddo's Santa call is as unique as they are. Give us the scoop — their hobbies, their wish list, their favorite reindeer — and watch Santa tailor the perfect, magical conversation just for them. It's personal, it's heartfelt, and oh-so-memorable.

What Our Clients Say

Mary Miller
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I booked Santa (aka House of Kringle) to zoom bomb my kids 8th grade zoom and my other child's 5th grade zoom. He was punctual, had a real background and played the part well. For the 8th graders he gave them a pep talk about being courageous during this time, talked about video games with the kids and played a guess the picture game with them on zoom. Most of all, he blew them away with his knowledge of video games. LOL.

For the 5th grade class, he answered all kinds of crazy questions from the kids and handled them very well! And since they're a bit older, he just spent time talking to them about the spirit of Christmas, kindness and the true meaning of it all, the things we as parents try to emphasize especially this holiday. They definitely were perplexed by the real mustache and beard and even after Santa logged off, they spent the remainder of their day trying to guess whose dad he was. Hilarious!

I can't thank him enough for the joy he brought to our kids zoom day. A little silliness and joy bring so much to the holiday!! Thanks Santa!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The price of a Santa Claus Video Call starts at $54.99 for a ten-minute video call.

A ten-minute session is a sufficient time for up to three children. Anything shorter than ten minutes feels too rushed. Additional time can be added at booking for more participants or activities (reading a story, singing a song, etc.). Santa is a pro and knows how to keep the visit moving along.

Book your Santa call up to 30 days ahead, or just 4 hours in advance for same-day calls.

All you need is a device with a camera, like a laptop, tablet, or phone. Use the latest Zoom app for the best experience.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire during the booking process that includes the details of the call’s participants. If more than three (3) children are participating in the call, please make a note in the questionnaire, and we will contact you directly with instructions on how to provide us with the details for the additional children.
  1. Log into the session ten (10) minutes before your scheduled start time to verify that your camera and microphone settings are working correctly.
  2. If connected via WIFI, cut back on Internet usage in your home. Online services like streaming music, online video games, and other data-intensive activities can degrade the video quality during your virtual Santa visit.
  3. Make sure there is ample light for your camera to do its job and for Santa to see your face.

You can reschedule your call with Santa up to 4 hours before it starts, using our scheduling tool. However, we can’t promise that Santa’s schedule will be able to accommodate your rescheduling request – he does get busy in the days leading up to Christmas Eve!

You can find a rescheduling link in the confirmation email you received after booking your virtual visit.

Santa will wait for you for 5 minutes if you’re late.

Our special packages (Santa’s Memory Maker and Santa’s Ultimate Experience packages) include a video of your call to keep forever. Your keepsake video will be delivered via email within 72 hours of your scheduled time in the form of a downloadable link.

Start a New Holiday Tradition with a Live Santa Video Call

Book your Santa Claus Video Call today at the House of Kringle!

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