About House of Kringle

Are you ready to experience the magic of House of Kringle? Our real bearded Santa Claus is ready and waiting to come down your chimney. And even your Wi-Fi- connection! House of Kringle presents various ways to interact with Old St. Nick, whether you are looking for a virtual experience or a live, in-person appearance at your Christmas parties.

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As Santa Claus performers go, House of Kringle truly delivers! Don’t just take our word for it, he’s the go-to Santa Claus for commercials and large-scale media events in Hollywood and Los Angeles!

We have enchanting encounters and magical moments just waiting to be discovered… or ordered. Learn about how to connect with, hire, book, or rent a Santa Claus this holiday season!

It's ABout Heart

About Our Mission

It Isn’t Just About Christmas . . .

House of Kringle isn’t just about Christmas. We’re about making magical memories that will last a lifetime. When you look back at the most fun and unforgettable moments in your child’s life, we want you to be able to think of us. And as far as your child goes? Well, nobody will ever forget the first time they meet the real Santa Claus! If you’re an adult, it’s okay to be giddy about meeting Old St. Nick, too.

. . . it’s about heart.

The character at the heart of House of Kringle, is of course, the main man himself, Santa Claus. Our Santa Claus fully embodies the ‘Spirit of Generosity’ and is always jolly. The House Kringle has a Santa Claus that comes with a real beard and a real belly…certainly full from all of those late-night snacks left by families around the world. You can never have too much milk and cookies!
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About Our History

House of Kringle is a professional Santa Claus Entertainer and serves Los Angeles County and Orange County, including Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Rancho Palos Verdes, Newport Beach, and Laguna Niguel.

House of Kringle was founded in 2016 as a children’s party service and party planner specializing in the most authentic and one-of-a-kind Santa Clauses for live visits, including home visits, corporate entertainment services, and high-end special events. Since then, House of Kringle has grown into an entertainment agency that brings our upscale Santa Claus and other holiday-themed characters to thousands of children of all ages throughout the holiday season with an unsurpassed level of fun, whimsy, and unparalleled authenticity.

In recent years, we’ve expanded our services to include video calls and personalized video messages from Santa Claus on our beautifully designed sets which include the most incredible attention to detail. In a video call with Santa Claus, you’re transported straight to the North Pole and see the heart of the House of Kringle. These same sets are used for our free videos providing hours of entertainment and are accessible to all viewers.

Since our founding, we’ve had the privilege of hosting the Union Station Los Angeles Tree Lighting Ceremony for nearly a decade and the honor of seeing the children of our home visit families grow through the years.

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About What We Do

The House of Kringle gives believers from near and far the chance to see and meet Santa Claus on every other day of the year. We provide both virtual and in-person options to have a personal experience with Santa Claus. Can you already feel your heart growing two sizes?

Our goal is to provide a holly, jolly, real-time wonderment for the entire family. We’ll keep believers believing and are ready to cast some doubt on those pesky non-believers, too. Our Santa Claus is ready to meet you either in person or from his elaborate toy shop. Just wait until you see what he has in store for you!

Have you ever wanted to see Santa’s workshop and North Pole getaway? The House of Kringle spares no expense or attention to detail when it comes to Santa’s famous North Pole surroundings. Get a crystal-clear glimpse into Santa’s magical world. If you look closely, you just might see an elf or two toiling away!

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About Our Interactions

So, how can you meet our Santa Claus? Just think about all of the merriment you and Old St. Nick can have together! If you’ve been on the nice list, you just may go right to the front of the line. On the naughty list? Santa still wants to see how he can help put a little magic into your world, too. We offer an assortment of different experiences that are fun for the whole family.

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Where Santa answers your questions
Hok Santa Claus Nice News Update

Nice Update

Where Santa reports on Random Acts of Niceness
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Whether on Facebook, TikTok, or Twitch, the House of Kringle is there!
Santa Claus Video Messages


Santa delivers a personalized video message to anyone on your Nice List.
Santa Claus Live Visits Community Events


Tree lighting ceremonies, parades, and meet and greets are extra special with the House of Kringle flair!
Santa Claus Live Visits Home


In-person visits or virtual chats always bring the personalized touch to your time with Santa Claus
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Are you ready to create memories with the one and only Santa Claus? Make the holiday season and really any season, sparkle with the spirit of kindness, faith and wholesomeness. Santa Claus is more than just a jolly old man. He is the embodiment of joy and love. House of Kringle is proud to keep you believing all year long.