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Whether you're looking for an easy (and private) photo session or need some help to make it feel like Christmas, Santa is available to tell stories, sing songs, answer questions, pose for the family photo, share hot chocolate, hand out (provided) presents, and of course, speak with and listen to the hopes and wishes from children of all ages. Our goal is to provide a holly, jolly, real-time wonderment for the entire family. A visit from Santa Claus isn’t just about Christmas. It's about making magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you looking for something truly unique and different? We're happy to help with your family traditions and create new memories to cherish forever.

Between your home, office and every place in-between, submit a Visit Request Form and we'll get busy making magic with you!

Visit Request Form

Complete the fields in the form and click [Submit] to send. We'll get back to you with a reply shortly.

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