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Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, 2023

Ahoy, me hearties! Are you tired of the same old mundane days and looking for some excitement? Fear not, for September 19th be the day you’ve been searching for – Talk Like a Pirate Day! Prepare to embark on a swashbucklin’ adventure as we dive into the origins of this jolly holiday, learn the ins and outs of pirate lingo, and discover how to celebrate in true buccaneer fashion. From hosting a pirate-themed party to learning about the history of piracy, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to make this the most memorable Talk Like a Pirate Day yet. Arrrr!

Short Summary

  • Ahoy, mateys! Set sail on September 19th to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with lingo basics, pirate-themed activities and events.

  • Brush up yer pirate talkin’ skills & get ready for swashbucklin’ party fun – rum punch, sea shanties & more!

  • Explore the history of piracy by watching classic movies or learning about The Golden Age of Piracy and its legendary female pirates. Arrrr!!

The Origins of Talk Like a Pirate Day

Two Young Happy Smiling Caucasian Women In Pirate Costumes Taking Selfie On Smartphone
Two women celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day

It all began back in 1995, when two friends, John Baur and Mark Summers, were playing racquetball and started shouting encouragements to each other in pirate slang. The idea struck ‘em like a cannonball – why not create a day dedicated to talking like a pirate? And so, Talk Like a Pirate Day was born, chosen to be celebrated on September 19th, Mark Summers’s ex-wife’s birthday. What started as an inside joke between two friends soon gained widespread attention when humor columnist Dave Barry wrote about the holiday in his syndicated column in 2002.

Now, every year, on September 19th, scallywags around the globe come together to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, embracin’ their inner buccaneer and bringin’ the piratical language alive. This holiday is a chance for everyone to let loose, have a bit of fun, and engage in some good ol’ fashioned high-seas tomfoolery. So shiver me timbers and hoist the Jolly Roger, for it will be time to learn how to talk like a pirate!

Pirate Lingo Basics

Man And Woman Pirates On The Beach
A group of people dressed like pirates, using pirate lingo, on the beach

If you want to join in the festivities of Talk Like a Pirate Day, it is crucial to master the basics of pirate lingo first. Learnin’ the pirate slang is important, as it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the swashbuckling spirit of the holiday. Some classic phrases to get you started include:

  • “Ahoy, matey!”

  • “Avast, me hearties!”

  • “Shiver me timbers!”

  • “Walk the plank, ye scallywags!”

Now that you have a taste of the pirate language, let’s delve deeper into its origins and influences.

Influences on Pirate Language

Pirate language be influenced by a mix of literature, films, and theme park attractions like Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. One of the most significant literary influences is Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic adventure novel “Treasure Island,” which introduced Long John Silver and his iconic pirate speak, shaped by actor Robert Newton’s performance in the film adaptation.

Another key influence on pirate language be the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride at Disneyland, a swashbuckling boat ride that takes you on a 1,838-foot journey through a world filled with scallywags and plunderin’ pirates. This ride remains a beloved attraction to this day and has even inspired the blockbuster film series, further cementing the pirate language in pop culture and guaranteeing its place in modern-day pirate celebrations.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day will be celebrated on September 19th all around the world, encouraging people to channel their inner buccaneer and use pirate-like phrases in various situations. This day be not just about having a jolly good time, but also about keeping the piratical language alive and promoting the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that pirates be known for. In fact, it has become a national talk in many countries, promoting the fun of international talk like a pirate day.

So, on September 19th, unleash your inner pirate and pepper your conversations with phrases like:

  • “Ahoy Matie”

  • “Avast”

  • “Aye, Aye Capt’n”

  • “Land ho!”

  • “Hornpipe”

But beware, me hearties! While it is all in good fun, you might want to avoid calling yer boss a “scurvy scallywag” or a “bilge rat” on this day, lest you find yourself walking the plank.

Celebrating with Pirate-Themed Activities

Overjoyed Young Hispanic Mother And Little 7s Daughter Have Fun Playing Pirates Game At Home Together
A mother and daughter celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day with pirate-themed activities

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of pirate lingo and its origins, it is time to set sail on a course for celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day in true buccaneer fashion. From hosting a pirate-themed party to enjoying pirate movies and engaging in games and crafts, there will be a treasure trove of activities awaitin’ you and your crew.

So hoist yer Jolly Roger, grab yer trusty cutlass, and let the pirate-themed festivities begin!

Host a Pirate Party

Woman Painting Kid's Face On Party
A group of people hosting a pirate-themed party

Throwing a pirate party is the perfect way to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with your mates. Start by decorating with pirate flags, black and white stripes, and other nautical-themed items to set the scene for a swashbuckling good time. Encourage your guests to dress up as pirates, complete with eye patches, tricorn hats, and striped shirts to make the party atmosphere truly immersive.

Next, compile a playlist of tunes from all your favorite pirate movies and set the mood with some classic sea shanties. For refreshments, serve up a barrel of rum punch and pirate-themed snacks like “cannonball” meatballs, “peg leg” breadsticks, and “gold doubloon” cookies. With these elements in place, your pirate party is sure to be a hit among all the scallywags in attendance!

Enjoy Pirate Movies

Group Of Pirates Trying To Push A Young Man Over A Plank
Group Of Pirates Trying To Push A Young Man Over A Plank in a Vintage Pirate Movie

No Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration would be complete without indulging in some swashbuckling pirate movies to immerse yourself in pirate-speak. Gather your crew and enjoy classics like:

  • “Pirates of the Caribbean” series

  • “The Goonies”

  • “Hook”

  • “Treasure Island”

For a rollickin’ good time filled with adventure and pirate-speak, join the Caribbean pirates and their pirate fleet.

Watching pirate movies on Talk Like a Pirate Day is not only a fun way to pass the time, but also a great opportunity to pick up new phrases and immerse yourself further in the world of pirates. Pirate Day encourages people to enjoy some popcorn and grog with their family as you navigate the high seas from the comfort of your own home!

Engage in Pirate Games and Crafts

Happy Dad Kids Play Pirates Together On Green Grass. Pirate Father Child With Saber Family Games Outdoors Goes To Treasure Hunt On Pirate Island.
A group of people engaging in pirate games and crafts

For even more pirate-themed fun on Talk Like a Pirate Day, why not engage in some games and crafts that’ll have you and your crew feeling like true buccaneers? Set up a scavenger hunt with pirate-themed clues, leading to a hidden treasure chest filled with chocolate gold coins and other booty.

Create an obstacle course where participants must “walk the plank,” “climb the crow’s nest” and “battle sea monsters” to reach the finish line and claim their prize. For crafts, try making paper pirate hats, eye patches, or even designing your own Jolly Roger flag to fly proudly on this special day.

With these games and crafts, you’ll be sure to have a Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration that’s both fun and memorable for everyone involved!

Learning from Pirate History

With all the fun and games associated with Talk Like a Pirate Day, it is easy to forget that behind the holiday lies a rich history of piracy, filled with adventure, danger, and intrigue. Learnin’ about the history of pirates helps us better appreciate the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day and understand the origins of the lingo and customs we celebrate during our pirate day talk.

So let’s set our sights on the horizon and delve into the fascinating world of pirate history, including the Golden Age of Piracy and the role of female pirates.

The Golden Age of Piracy

Two Pirates With A Flag On The Seashore
Two men dressed as pirates celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day during the Golden Age of Piracy.

The so called golden age of piracy was a period of increased piracy activity, spannin’ the late 17th and early 18th centuries, when plunderin’ and pillagin’ were all the rage on the high seas and in colonial ports. This era saw the rise of some of history’s most infamous pirates, including the likes of Blackbeard, William Kidd, and Anne Bonny, as well as the earliest recorded pirate attacks.

These notorious pirates made their mark on history through their daring exploits, legendary treasure hoards, and larger-than-life personas that continue to inspire tales of adventure to this day. By learning about the Golden Age of Piracy and the legendary figures who sailed the seas during this time, we can better understand the origins of the pirate lingo and customs we celebrate on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Notable Female Pirates

While male pirates often take center stage in tales of swashbuckling adventure, it is important to remember that there were several notable female pirates who defied gender norms and became successful pirates in their own right. Women like Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Ching Chih were fearless and clever, commandin’ their own ships and crews while navigating the treacherous waters of piracy and societal expectations.

These trailblazing female pirates not only made their mark on history, but also serve as inspiring examples of courage, resourcefulness, and defiance in the face of adversity. By learning about the accomplishments and challenges of these remarkable women, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse and fascin’ world of piracy that we celebrate on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Discovering Local Pirate Day Events

Two Girls In Pirate Costumes Are Jumping
A group of people discovering local pirate day events

Now that you are armed with a wealth of pirate knowledge and enthusiasm, it is time to set sail in search of local pirate-themed events to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with fellow enthusiasts. From pirate festivals and parades to nautical-themed pub crawls and costume contests, there will be a treasure trove of exciting events awaitin’ you and your crew.

To find local pirate day events in your area, keep an eye on community calendars, social media groups, and local news sources. Alternatively, you can always organize your own Talk Like a Pirate Day gathering with friends, family, or coworkers for a swashbuckling celebration that’s sure to shiver their timbers!


In conclusion, Talk Like a Pirate Day is a unique and exciting holiday that allows us to embrace our inner buccaneer, learn about the fascinatin’ world of piracy, and come together to celebrate all things scurvy and seaworthy. So hoist the Jolly Roger, don yer tricorn hat, and let loose a hearty “Arrrr!” as we set sail on a swashbucklin’ adventure this September 19th. May the wind be ever at your back, and may you find the treasure that awaits you on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sept 19 Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Mark Summers and John Baur created Talk Like a Pirate Day in 1995 as a funny joke to celebrate on the arbitrary date of September 19, which just happened to be Summers’ ex-wife’s birthday.

Ever since then, this faux-holiday has given everyone an opportunity to unleash their inner Jack Sparrow!

How do I talk like a pirate?

To talk like a pirate, drop the ‘g’s and ‘v’s in words, use an abundance of insults, yell “arr!”, mumble incoherently, and replace ‘you’ and ‘your’ with ‘you’ and ‘yer’.

Use a deep, gravelly voice for extra authenticity!

What are some pirate sayings?

Ahoy there, me hearties! It’s time to brush up on your pirate lingo and words – no one likes a scurvy sea dog!

How do you say hello like a pirate?

Ahoy! Arrr, Yarr, and Avast! Greet your fellow pirates with these phrases to get in the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day!

When is Talk Like a Pirate Day 2023?

Avast ye landlubbers! Set sail on September 19th each year and talk like a pirate, for it is Talk Like a Pirate Day!