Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach Boat Parade is the premier holiday event in southern California. For over 100 years the Newport Beach Boat Parade has dazzled spectators.
Newport Beach Boat Parade

The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is a popular annual holiday event held in Newport Beach, California, which draws visitors from all over the region and beyond. It’s known as one of the top holiday events in the country, and features a fleet of elaborately decorated boats of all sizes. The parade typically runs over five nights in mid-December.

During the event, hundreds of boats, yachts, kayaks, and other watercrafts travel along a 14-mile route in the Newport Harbor. These boats are adorned with colorful lights, holiday decorations, animated displays, and even live music. Spectators gather along the shoreline and on docks, or even book harbor cruises, to get a close view of the dazzling displays. The parade also often includes a competition, with prizes awarded for the best-decorated boats.

The spectacle is a cherished tradition in the area, with the first parade having taken place over a century ago. It is organized by the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Commodores Club and is free to the public. The parade also often includes a variety of related events, such as holiday parties, community celebrations, and a “Ring of Lights” home decorating competition for waterfront properties.

It’s important to note that while the parade is typically held annually, it may occasionally be cancelled or altered due to weather or other conditions, so it’s always a good idea to check for the most current information with the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce or the official event website.