Long Beach Floating Christmas Trees

Long Beach, CA

In 1949, Don May, a charismatic restaurateur from Belmont Shore in Long Beach, initiated a cherished holiday custom known as the Christmas Trees in the Bay. This long standing tradition involves placing Christmas trees on rafts and launching them into Alamitos Bay.
Long Beach Floating Christmas Trees

Long Beach Floating Christmas Trees in in Long Beach, CA is an annual yuletide tradition that dates back to 1949. It all started with Don May, a restaurateur and charismatic figure from Belmont Shore, who came up with the idea. May decided to set up a Christmas tree on a raft and launch it into Alamitos Bay, creating a unique and festive display.

Since then, the tradition has continued and grown in popularity. Every year during the holiday season, several Christmas trees are placed on rafts, adorned with colorful lights and decorations, and floated in Alamitos Bay. The floating trees create a beautiful and magical sight, reflecting their shimmering lights on the water.

The event attracts both locals and visitors who come to witness this enchanting display. Many families and friends gather around the bay, enjoying the festive atmosphere and taking part in the holiday spirit. It has become a beloved tradition that brings the community together and spreads joy during the holiday season.

Over the course of 69 years, more than 60 16-foot trees on 8×8-foot bases have emerged. These trees now dot various locations like Colorado Lagoon, Heartwell, Scherer, El Dorado Park lakes, and more. From Alamitos Bay to Naples Canal, these colorful trees grace waterways during the Christmas season. The tradition begins at dusk on Thanksgiving evening and continues until New Year’s Day, with nightly illumination.