LA Zoo Lights

Los Angeles, CA

LA Zoo Lights is an annual holiday event at the Los Angeles Zoo, where millions of LED lights create stunning displays on trees and structures. Visitors enjoy interactive exhibits, themed areas, and seasonal treats, all accompanied by synchronized holiday music. It’s a cherished tradition that combines nature’s beauty with festive magic. Check the official zoo website for the latest details.
La Zoo Lights


Every holiday season, the Los Angeles Zoo transforms into a dazzling wonderland that captivates visitors of all ages. LA Zoo Lights, a cherished tradition, takes guests on an enchanting journey through a whimsical display of vibrant lights, mesmerizing installations, and joyful festivities. With its unique blend of wildlife conservation and holiday magic, this illuminated extravaganza has become a must-visit attraction that brings the spirit of the season to life.

A Spectacular Illumination

As the sun sets and darkness descends upon the LA Zoo, millions of twinkling lights illuminate the pathways, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. From shimmering trees to stunning animal-shaped light displays, each corner of the zoo is bathed in a kaleidoscope of colors. The vibrant lights dance in harmony, transforming the zoo into a magical realm that sparks wonder and delight.

Immersive Exhibits

Beyond the dazzling lights, LA Zoo Lights offers a multitude of immersive exhibits that engage and entertain visitors. Stroll through the “Twinkle Tunnel,” a magical passage adorned with thousands of sparkling lights, or explore the “Laser Snowflake Forest,” where intricate laser lights create a mesmerizing winter scene. Along the way, encounter larger-than-life illuminated animal sculptures, showcasing the zoo’s commitment to wildlife conservation.

Interactive Experiences

LA Zoo Lights goes beyond visual delights with its interactive experiences that ignite the holiday spirit. Attendees can enjoy holiday-themed storytelling, encounter costumed characters, and even catch a glimpse of Santa Claus himself. Kids can participate in crafts and activities, while adults can indulge in seasonal treats and beverages. Live entertainment and music further enhance the festive atmosphere, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Combining Education and Conservation

LA Zoo Lights not only aims to entertain but also educates visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation. Throughout the event, educational displays provide insights into the zoo’s efforts to protect and preserve endangered species. By seamlessly blending holiday magic with a conservation message, the event instills a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the natural world.

A Family Tradition

LA Zoo Lights has become a beloved holiday tradition for families and friends to share. With its captivating ambiance and family-friendly atmosphere, the event offers a joyful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The laughter of children, the awe in their eyes, and the shared moments of wonder make LA Zoo Lights a cherished experience for generations to come.


LA Zoo Lights is a dazzling celebration that combines the magic of the holidays with the wonders of wildlife conservation. From the breathtaking lights to the immersive exhibits and interactive experiences, this annual event invites visitors to embrace the joy and enchantment of the season. As families and friends gather to create treasured memories, LA Zoo Lights serves as a reminder of the importance of conservation and the beauty of the animal kingdom. Embark on a magical journey and let the lights of the LA Zoo illuminate your holiday spirit.