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Thank You for Your Interest in House of Kringle!

Thank you so much for being interested in having House of Kringle be a part of your Holiday Season! We will get back to you shortly to help plan your event.

The closer we get to Christmas Eve, the fewer weekend and evening spots are available. We try to fit in as many requests as possible but may not currently have availability for your desired day, time, or length of visit.

If we cannot provide an in-person visit, our Virtual Services are available and may be booked directly from the House of Kringle website.

Virtual Visits at the House of Kringle

Enjoy your virtual visit with Santa Claus from your home, school, or business. Choose times based on your schedule and avoid the rush of malls and other public spaces. Enjoy your Zoom meeting with Santa Claus and avoid the chaos of the mall this Holiday Season!


North Pole Videos from House of Kringle

Santa Claus will record any festive wish of your choosing, and you can give him some inside information to customize the video and make your greeting as personal as you would like. An eGREETING from the House of Kringle is the perfect gift for those hard to shop for and those you cherish most dearly.

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