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  • How to Spend Downtime During Winter Break, According to Santa

    Work, school, and a hectic schedule are the norm for most of us throughout the year. Although some of you may believe that Santa doesn't do much until Christmas, my year is jam-packed. I get reindeer in shape for their Christmas Eve flight, teach part-time at North Pole University, write STEAM books with Katie (that's Ms. Claus to you), and help the elves design and make toys for Christmas. Full disclosure, Santa Claus needs rest just like everyone else. Thus, the sudden time off I'm getting during winter break is both welcome and challenging. To handle our downtime after the holidays, Katie and I have come up with fun, productive, and easy winter activities anyone can enjoy. I'm sharing it with you in the hopes that it provides some inspiration for how you and your family might spend the upcoming winter break and create moments that really count. The Best Activities, Places, and Games During This Winter Break Most of Santa's favorite things to do during winter break can be enjoyed at home with children, whether toddlers, elementary school students, or teenagers. Some of Santa's winter break ideas for families could also be a great way to start a new family tradition and make memories that will last a lifetime. Moreover, some of these winter break activities are fun and easy and provide a fantastic opportunity to cultivate values such as gratitude, empathy, and kindness. Things to Do Over the Break at Home Before I start another busy year, let me tell you how I like to spend my winter downtime. Writing Thank-You Cards and Letters One of my favorite things to do over break at home is writing thank-you letters to those who helped me during the busy holiday season. Santa Claus has a lengthy list of elves and other helpers who make Christmas possible, and it's a joy beyond compare to thank them all. So, I like spending quiet afternoons by the fire, taking time to acknowledge Katie, the elves, my university colleagues and students, neighbors, friends, and others from all around the world for making the most of the holiday season. Children can make "thank you" cards for teachers, friends, and family members they feel grateful for. So, encourage your little one to recall anyone who helped them throughout the year. This could be a friend who helped with a school assignment, a teacher who got them interested in music, or a sibling who helps with chores at home. You can also write "thank you" letters to grandparents, relatives, neighbors, and other people in your community with your kids. This will show them how to be grateful and kind to the people in their lives. Going on a Winter Hike A winter hike, no matter where you live, is a fun way to stay active, get some fresh air, focus on the here and now, and improve your mood. If you live in an area that allows for snowy fun, let's not forget the all-important winter activities of a snowball fight, building a snow fort, or the family joining in to build a snowman. Additionally, time spent outside stimulates a child's natural interest in the world. Plus, the educational benefit of a simple walk may be enormous if the child takes the time to observe the world around them. Katie and I like going on nature walks and creating images of what we see. At home, you may do the same thing with your children. Then, everyone shows off their work and explains why they selected that particular piece to work on. Alternatively, tell a story about the scene or object your child produced. Encourage them to create a story, characters, and descriptions. This may be a great language exercise for increasing vocabulary, imagination, and communication. Reading aloud to young children can help their language, literacy, and speech development. In addition, sharing stories with your child helps them learn to articulate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Volunteer Work in Your Local Community It's not just during the holidays that I look forward to spending time with kids and their families. All year long, Santa enjoys giving to others and making a difference in his community. Once a week, I read to kids at our local elementary school and help at the animal shelter, bathing, feeding, and walking animals. There are a lot of folks that may have a particularly challenging time around the winter holidays. So, inquire with the community about how you can lend a hand and have your children join in on your volunteer efforts. Here are some volunteer opportunities and ideas for families during winter break: Donate books to a local library. Help a classmate who is having trouble. Make fresh baked cookies for community helpers after the holidays, and have your kids help you bring them to their teachers, the nearest hospital, police station, or fire station. Donate clothing and toys to a local shelter. Katie loves this good housekeeping idea as it's easy for me to tidy up my clutter throughout the house. Run errands for a homebound neighbor. Consider training your dog to be a therapy dog that visits hospitals and nursing homes. Volunteering as a family has many benefits, including providing opportunities to practice empathy, connect, and work as a team. For example, one study shows that toddlers are happier when they give treats to others. So, don't save your good deeds until the holidays. Giving to others is a year-round mood booster. Find things to do together as a family that everyone enjoys, and then go out of your way to be helpful and generous. Taking Mindful Breaks Throughout the Day The holidays can be stressful because of a busy schedule, travel, family gatherings, gift shopping, and money worries. However, mindfulness exercises can be great to do over the break at home and start a new self-care habit. Katie and I practice mindfulness daily to take mental breaks, focus and regroup. We enjoy simple everyday activities like sipping tea because they allow us to practice mindfulness and gratitude. We each select our preferred tea, settle into a comfortable chair, and contemplate our many blessings. During this time, we reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for, including the places we have traveled, the wonders of nature, and the wonderful people in our lives. According to research, regular mindfulness exercise can improve focus, boost happiness, and help relieve stress. If you teach your kids healthy habits when they are young, you are setting them up for a healthy life when they are adults. Most children rarely get a chance to "switch off" because they are always learning, doing extracurricular activities, and using technology. However, mindfulness helps kids pay more attention to what's happening now, calm down, and be in a good mood. Staying Physically Active Santa, too, needs to keep in shape. Remember that jumping down the chimney and hauling that large sack requires strong muscles! Walking, running, swimming, and cycling are some of my favorite ways to stay fit. Remember that snowball fight I mentioned earlier? However, remaining physically active benefits both the mind and the body. According to many studies, physical exercise increases the brain's production of "feel-good" neurochemicals, which in turn leads to increased happiness and decreased anxiety and stress. So, make an effort to maintain your regular workout routine throughout the winter break. Maintaining a regular workout schedule can help you stay healthy, happy, and calm during your winter break. Enjoying Creative Activities Together Creative activities help me stay spontaneous and inspired. Other activities such as painting, dancing, and writing help me focus, express my deepest thoughts and feelings, and keep me in a good mood. I love painting and coloring, as colors are often used to communicate feelings. Green, for example, represents nature and tranquility and can help you unwind. Similarly, blue is associated with calmness, whereas yellow is associated with life force and optimism. Red evokes action and strength, while orange represents confidence, perseverance, and physical power. Purple signifies knowledge and grace, and black represents richness and sophistication. Also, activities such as music and dance, drama, art, and craft are great for children regardless of age, as they promote emotional expression, boost creativity and communication skills, improve problem-solving skills, and teach patience and perseverance. Places to Go During the Winter Break Winter break may be an excellent time to travel as a family or to see family members or close friends. Going on a Family Trip Many people consider traveling with family one of the best ways to spend a winter break. Mrs. Claus and I enjoy traveling as it helps us relax, strengthens our bond, and offers endless opportunities for learning and fun. You don't have to travel to a great destination for your family trip to be educational, relaxing, and fun. Even a trip to a neighboring town, mountain, or nature reserve is an excellent opportunity to make many great memories that will last long after winter break ends. Even when we aren't traveling, Mrs. Claus and I like spending time outside and taking in the surroundings. If the weather permits, we visit a neighboring nature reserve, spend the day by the lake, or have a picnic. So, here are a few Family Trip ideas from Santa: Take your children fishing or spend an afternoon in a park. These can be excellent winter break activities for elementary students. Set up a game in nature where your kids can learn how to make a fire, build a shelter, or name different plants. Visit an animal farm and observe how animals spend the winter. Farms are also ideal for learning about the seasons and the natural life cycle. Write or sketch about what you witnessed and share your thoughts. Visit your loved ones. Winter break can be a fantastic time to spend time with family and friends. Visit a Museum or Botanical Garden Educational and entertaining trips to museums, gardens, galleries and scientific centers are great opportunities for the whole family to expand their knowledge and spend quality time together during their winter break. By taking your children to museums, planetariums, art galleries, and nature reserves, you can have a great time as a family while simultaneously instilling a love for learning in your children. Katie and I enjoy spending a few days during winter break discovering the local history, culture, animals, and plants. When we visit a museum or nature reserve, it inspires us to try new hobbies, learn new things, and gain valuable skills. Playing Winter Break Games Board games are an excellent way for adults and children to bond together. In addition, the old-school board games we used to play as kids are a perfect way to inspire children to learn and develop. What's better than spending a cozy winter night at home with loved ones, playing your favorite board games, and munching crispy popcorn? These brain games may bring hours of enjoyment and fun. But that's not all. According to research, brain games can help protect cognitive function and keep your brain sharp. Furthermore, board games enable young people to understand and practice following rules. Games can be a great way to educate kids on how to get along with others, cooperate, and follow social rules. I love puzzles, chess, and riddle games. Mrs. Claus and I like hosting friends and neighbors and organizing a riddle tournament. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with people we care about, laugh, and relax. When we play a board game, it makes us want to work hard to reach a goal. This behavior activates endorphins, brain chemicals known as "feel-good hormones," which cause us to feel calm and happy. Similarly, laughter, according to research, boosts brain function. It also promotes the production of endorphins, improving our mood, optimism, and sense of bonding. Also, endorphins' soothing effects increase feelings of safety and closeness, encouraging sociability, empathy, and compassion. Wrapping It Up The winter season is ideal for spending time with family, reflecting, and relaxing. Unfortunately, we are so accustomed to our hectic daily routines that we only sometimes know how to pause and take a mindful break, which is essential for our mental and physical health, happy relationships, and overall well-being. Hopefully, Santa's tips for managing downtime during winter break at home could help structure your time with family and provide many fun, learning, and bonding opportunities.

  • Santa Claus and Christmas Traditions Around the World: South Africa Edition

    Introduction It’s almost that time again — time for snowy, chilly days and tinsel-twinkling nights. Families are beginning to prepare their Christmas menus and decide what to decorate their pretty Christmas tables with this year. While you might be layering on the knitwear and dusting off your sled, there’s another way of going about Christmas festivities down in South Africa, and it’s happening right now. Let’s explore a little more about South Africa at Christmas. What are their traditions on Christmas morning and styles of celebrating over the festive season? Do People in South Africa Celebrate Christmas? South Africa is known as a melting pot of cultures. There are around 48 million Christians in this beautiful country, roughly 86% of the population. In light of this, Christmas is big in South Africa and celebrated in most homes. Even amongst other religions, Christmas is a really popular holiday in December within the South African rainbow nation and is a holiday that is well-celebrated overall. Can you believe that there are 11 official languages in this country? – somehow, everyone manages to communicate and understand one another. Nothing speaks more to the heart of all South Africans than the joy of a celebration like the Christmas festive season. When is Christmas Celebrated in South Africa? Born out of its colonial ties to the English and Dutch, South Africa celebrates Christmas on the 25th of December. You can imagine the speed at which Santa has to maneuver his sleigh from the Northern Hemisphere all the way down to the southern tip of Africa on Christmas Eve. It’s a wonder he doesn’t land up with whiplash! One of the signs that Christmas celebrations are on their way is the annual Festival of Lights, which celebrates the official turning on of the Festival Lights in Adderley Street, Cape Town. The city’s annual festive lights “switch on event” draws thousands of locals who sing and dance to a lineup of local musicians. This event happens around the end of November and signifies that Christmas is nearby. Imagine thousands of people dancing in the streets of beautiful Cape Town city, under twinkling lights, fake snow and Christmas decorations in the shape of dolphins, elephants, and lions. That’s what this festival is all about. Now, remember the picture we painted earlier of wintery clothes and chilly days and nights? I want you to go back to that thought in your mind and then find the polar opposite idea. That’s what South Africa Christmas is like. It’s the total opposite of chilly and cozy. No matter where you are in South Africa, whether in lush and tropical Zululand or the scrubby, mystical landscape of the Karoo, you are boiling hot on Christmas day. Think swimming pools, iced eggnog, barbecues (South African’s called this a “braai”), and air conditioning. Christmas Meals in South Africa For those South Africans who celebrate Christmas, they will often have a lovely dinner where the traditional turkey, gammon, green beans, and other classic sides are served. The meal often follows a traditional English Christmas meal, roast turkey, roast beef, and all the sides, depending on where you are in the country. Other families will have a large barbecue to get into the festive spirit, with meat and sides of potato, green salads, and chutneys. Certain homes will make a roast lamb and enjoy it with potato bake and salads. It really depends on the origin or core culture of the family. Mince pies and Christmas puddings can be found in almost every store in the lead-up to Christmas. They are often loaded with a side of vanilla ice cream to cool the body down after a large hot meal. Children can be spotted running around with cones and with ice cream dripping from their chins around December. It’s all systems go to have fun and keep cool. In terms of whether Christmas Eve celebrations or Christmas dinner or day is the more significant in terms of family time and celebrations, it’s sort of a split. About half of South African families have their main meal and gathering on Christmas Eve, while the other half have it on Christmas Day. Some have both. Other Christmas Activities in South African Families will often attend either midnight Mass or a Christmas morning church service on the 25th of December. After that, it’s straight into the kitchen to get food prepared. Families located along the coast can often be found picnicking and barbecuing near the seaside on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The same can be said for New Year’s Eve too! While a lot of homes do have a Christmas tree, it’s rarely a fresh one. Fresh Christmas trees wilt very quickly in South African homes unless the home is air-conditioned, which is very rare in most homes in South Africa. As a country that has regular power cuts, air conditioning is not exactly practical. For coastal dwellers, the beach plays a big part in their activities at Christmas time. It’s basically a giant playground to celebrate on and one of the few free South African Christmas traditions. How to Say Merry Christmas in...? How awesome is it that there are 11 official languages in South Africa? Where they are spoken is usually determined by geographic location. However, big cities like Johannesburg and Durban are a melting pot of languages as folks are drawn there through urbanization and employment opportunities. The term Father Christmas is used more commonly by South Africans, as opposed to Santa The term “Happy Christmas” can often be heard in addition to “Merry Christmas.” Here is how to wish someone a “Merry Christmas” in 6 of the most widely spoken languages in South Africa. Northern Sotho: “Krisemose ye botse” Tsonga: “Khisimusi Lerinene” Xhosa: “Ikrismesi emnandi” Zulu: “Jabulela Ukhisimusi” Afrikaans:“Geseende Kersfees” South African English: “Merry Christmas” About: House of Kringle House of Kringle is passionate about sharing the joy of how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and parts of the world. In an effort to connect people to one another, we hope these articles will inspire readers to learn more about what Christmas looks like in all four corners of the globe. South Africa is a beautiful, diverse and magical place, most especially, of course, at Christmas time. Put "visit South Africa" high up on your bucket list.

  • New Zealand Chocolate Roughs Recipe

    A Tale Of a Backyard Barbecue on a Warm Christmas Eve I recall one Christmas Eve in Wellington. I trundled about, exploring the sites of the festive capital of New Zealand. Ah, the joy of a New Zealand Christmas. As with other countries in the Southern Hemisphere, at Christmas time, it is sweltering. Eggnog is swapped out for chilled cider. Children spend their days in swimming pools instead of snuggling by a fire. Clothing consists of shorts and sunhats rather than sweaters and socks. I’d been watching one of the Christmas parades that are so popular in Wellington. After chuckling to myself and enjoying the scene, I stumbled across a family home at early dusk. I watched as the family enjoyed cooking sausages on the barbecue in their yard. The kids were up late, chasing each other around the garden with water pistols. The sight of family and friends playing and having fun together warmed the cockles of my heart. Despite the fact that I was a glow from the summer heat. I watched later as the kids feasted on chocolate roughs, dipping them in bowls of hot chocolate while sitting cross-legged on their lawns. This is the wonder of New Zealand at Christmas time. It’s the outdoor activities that seem never to end. Eventually, the children climbed up the stairs of their homes and towards their beds. The littlest one crept down the staircase later that evening when everyone was asleep. He hadn’t forgotten, oh no. He knew how delighted I would be to find a chocolate rough laid out for me alongside a chilled glass of milk. What an absolute treat and delicious biscuit I tell you! Substitutions and Variations To create a gluten-free Christmas cookie, swap out the flour for good quality gluten-free flour. A ratio of 1:1 should do the trick. For a dairy-free Christmas cookie, use plant-based butter or high-quality margarine in place of regular butter. Walnuts: if you aren’t mad about walnuts, or you just don’t have any, switch them out for pecan, almonds, or pistachios for a pop of green. Icing: flavor your icing with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg for a little extra Christmas spirit. Chocolate icing: use milk or dark chocolate as you prefer. Storage and Shelf-life of New Zealand Christmas Cookies Your chocolate roughs will keep beautifully in an airtight container for about a week. These cookies can also be frozen. It’s advisable to freeze the cookies on a tray until rock solid. Once frozen and hard, the cookies can be transferred into their own container or freezer-safe bags. What Is a New Zealand Chocolate Rough? These cookies are considered a national food in New Zealand. They are dark and chocolatey and super simple to make. The unsweetened cornflakes are what give them their fantastic texture. Referred to as both a cookie and a biscuit, these chocolate roughs are baked and then topped with glossy icing and either flaked almonds or walnuts. The dough of these cookies is pretty crumbly and can be a bit tricky to work with. Just do your best to press the dough firmly into a ball after rolling them. All in all, this is an easy recipe to make. New Zealand chocolate roughs are eaten all year round, never as much as around the festive season. They therefore can be considered New Zealand Christmas cookies. These treats used to be referred to as Afghan biscuits, something to do with their appearance and the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. Anyway, which way, these chocolatey treats are super tasty. How to Serve and Eat New Zealand Christmas Cookies In New Zealand, these fantastic cookies are often served up with bowls of hot cocoa. They are also served up with cream-covered coffee after dinner. No matter how or when you choose to serve them, you’re in for an authentic taste and textural experience. Wrapping It Up Give them crunchy, silky, and chocolatey treats a try. They are a mouth-watering treat and a really easy cookie to make with kids. Kids love the simple chocolate flavor and the crunch from the cornflakes. Such fun! These are a perfect option if you’re looking for an egg-free Christmas cookie.

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  • Santa Claus in Los Angeles & Orange Counties | House of Kringle

    House of Kringle - Real-Bearded Santa Claus for Hire Los Angeles and Orange Counties Welcome to House of Kringle The House of Kringle has a Santa Claus that comes with a real beard and a real belly … certainly full from all those late-night snacks left by families around the world. You can never have too much milk and cookies! Learn More Where Christmas Lives Year Round House of Kringle isn't just about Christmas. We’re about making magical memories that will last a lifetime. When you look back at the most fun and unforgettable moments in your child’s life, we want you to be able to think of us. And as far as your child goes? Well, nobody will ever forget the first time they meet the real Santa Claus! If you’re an adult, it’s okay to be giddy about meeting Old St. Nick, too. Learn More Live Visit A visit from Santa is sure to make your home, office, or public event both joyful and triumphant! Learn More Video Call Enjoy a virtual visit with Santa Claus from your home, school, or business and it’s live from the North Pole. Learn More Video Message Santa Claus will record any festive wish of your choosing for anyone on your Nice List. Learn More BOOK SANTA OUR REVIEWS Jeanne J. Torrance, CA, USA Best Santa we have ever had. Was absolutely amazing. Remembered the granddaughters name and gave each of them his undivided attention. He was truly a Christmas miracle for our girls!!! Michelle B. Los Angeles, CA, USA Wow! Santa had us the moment he walked up to the door. He was so Great with all the kids, all the ages. He read his version of the night before Christmas, he sang to us and got everyone to sing a few Christmas carols. It was so touching! He’s out Santa every year. We were thinking how we could use him every Holiday throughout the year. He’s that good! Megan N. Beverly Hills, CA, USA Santa was amazing! I already want to book him for next year. He had a tough crowd of 2-3 year olds & didn't miss a step. He knew exactly what to do to engage them & was a real pro. Children Have Questions . . . Why does Santa have the same wrapping paper as my mom? How does Santa Claus get all over the world in just one night? Is the mall Santa the REAL Santa? How does Santa Claus really know if kids have been bad or good? We don’t have a chimney. How will Santa get in? Let Santa Answer All of their Questions LEARN MORE

  • Hire Santa Claus for Live Visits | House of Kringle

    HOME / BOOK SANTA / LIVE VISITS / Bring the Joy and the Magic of Christmas to your event this year! Book Santa Claus for Live Visits Live Visits from Santa Claus for your home, company or community events BOOK NOW Don't wait until December ... Book early! Jump To: Event Types Testimonials Rates Hire Santa Claus in Los Angeles and Orange Counties At House of Kringle, we understand that an encounter with Santa Claus is a magical experience that will create memories for a lifetime. Whether you are looking for an intimate Christmas party or need the most authentic Santa for your large-scale event, the House of Kringle will deliver. Sometimes, a virtual visit with Santa Claus will simply not do. A Real Bearded Santa Claus Our Santa Claus has a real beard you can tug and a real belly made from too many cookies and milk. You won't find our Santa wearing a Party City suit, but one made by top Hollywood stylists out of a big-budget Christmas movie. All of our Santa Claus wardrobe selections have gone through meticulous detailing. You won't find a more authentic, real-bearded Santa Claus on this side of the North Pole. Santa Claus for Hire in Los Angeles and Orange Counties House of Kringle offers a variety of experiences with Santa Claus throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties . He is available to attend your parties, and events, and adds magic to all your holiday entertainment. Our Santa Claus just loves large community events and is requested back annually by Metro for the Tree-Lighting Ceremony at Union Station Los Angeles . When you need to hire Santa Claus for your next event and want an amazing experience , House of Kringle is here. Event Types Anniversaries & Weddings Say "I Do" with Santa Officiating Charity & Fundraising Events Donors pay attention when Santa is asking for their help Family Photos Avoid the mall and have pictures with Santa at home Hospice or Hospital Events Bring the Magic to those who need it most Special Events Ol' Saint Nick is always suitable for the red carpet! Twas the Night Before ... Traditional Santa visit the night before the big day Birthday Parties Bring the magic of Christmas to your birthday celebration Christmas in July Get a summer dose of Christmas with a visit in July Family Reunions Santa is always a member of the family Marketing Promotions Santa has a way of making a point! Storytelling Spinning a yarn between friends ... Web/Radio/Print Advertisements He's got the voice and the face to go with it ... Breakfast with Santa Breakfast is Santa's #2 fav Community Events Parades, tree lighting ceremonies, and meet and greets Holiday Party Children of all ages love a visit from Santa Professional Photography Shoots Professional and experienced, Santa knows how to strike a pose Television Lights, Camera, Santa! He's ready for his close-up ... Caught Santa A unique, late Christmas Eve visit where Santa is spied on by the kids Corporate Events & Parties Bring the Fun to your festive Corporate Events Home Visits At your door and in your home, he's always ready ... Special Deliveries Special gifts delivered by a special guy! Trade Shows Make the attendees flock to your space ... eventTypes A Professional Real Bearded Santa Claus Performer Whether for corporate events, Christmas parties, or community events, when you hire the perfect Santa Claus from House of Kringle, he'll make your event unforgettable! A visit from Santa Claus isn't just about Christmas. It's about making memories that will last a lifetime. A Santa visit from the House of Kringle comes with years of experience. Whether you're holding an intimate home visit or a lavish Hollywood-style meet-and-greet, you'll want a professional Santa whom all the kids (from one to ninety-two) will love! ​ Plus, when you hire from House of Kringle, you're not only getting one of the most highly sought-after Santa Claus performers in Southern California, you're hiring one of the few professional Santas insured and with a background check ready to share with you! ​ Read what our past clients have to say about House of Kringle! Testimonials Jeanne J. Torrance, CA, USA Best Santa we have ever had. Was absolutely amazing. Remembered the granddaughters name and gave each of them his undivided attention. He was truly a Christmas miracle for our girls!!! Michelle B. Los Angeles, CA, USA Wow! Santa had us the moment he walked up to the door. He was so Great with all the kids, all the ages. He read his version of the night before Christmas, he sang to us and got everyone to sing a few Christmas carols. It was so touching! He’s out Santa every year. We were thinking how we could use him every Holiday throughout the year. He’s that good! Megan N. Beverly Hills, CA, USA Santa was amazing! I already want to book him for next year. He had a tough crowd of 2-3 year olds & didn't miss a step. He knew exactly what to do to engage them & was a real pro. Testimonials Santa does tend to get pretty busy this time of year, so be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible. Have a certain event where you may want Santa Claus to appear? Contact us now so we can place your dates on hold. The holiday season moves faster than you think! Live Visit Rates Home Visits Time of Day First Half Hr. Addtl. Half Hr. Mon - Thu until 4:00 PM $275 * $ 125 Mon - Thu after 4:00 PM All Day Fr-Sun $300 * $ 150 Christmas Eve $400 * $ 200 Christmas Day $500 * $ 250 Unique Home Visits Visit Type Rate Christmas Morning ‘Caught Santa Sleeping’ between 6:00 & 9:00AM $ 450 Christmas Eve ‘Sneak-A-Peak’ after 10PM $ 350 Corporate, Photography Sessions and Charity Organizations: Please contact directly for rates and availability. ​ * Depending on location, date, time & day of week. All prices are subject to change based on demand and availability. Enter your event details into the Visit Request form and submit. We have elves working overtime to ensure that you get a prompt response. ​ PLEASE NOTE: A 30% retainer is required to hold the requested date/time. A booking fee of 4-8% will be charged at time of booking. visitrates unique Rates Visit Request Form Visit Request Form Complete the fields in the form and click [Submit] to send. We'll get back to you with a reply shortly. First Name Email Company (if applicable) Whom are you inviting to this event? Please check all that apply. Santa Claus Mrs. (Katie) Claus Elves Someone Else (Enter their name in the field to the right) Last Name Phone Who is hosting this Event? Choose an option arrow&v How many Elves? (if any) Someone Else's Name Event Date Event Start Time What time should we arrive? What time should we depart? Note: We recommend that House of Kringle Invitees arrive either 15 minutes before event attendees (to help greet them) or 45 minutes after they arrive and have a chance to settle into the event space. Event Address Event City Event Region/State/Province Event Postal / Zip code Tell Us About Your Event and how we can Assist Type of Event Select an Event Type arrow&v # Adults Attending # of Children Attending How Did You Hear About Us? Web Search - Google, Yahoo, etc. Yelp Link from Another Site Thumbtack GigSalad Family Member/Friend Business Card or Flyer Facebook Guest at Past Party I'm a Past Client Frosty Sent Me! Keep me informed with news about House of Kringle! Submit visitRequestForm More to Enjoy from the House of Kringle How to Spend Downtime During Winter Break, According to Santa Downtime during winter break after hurdling through the holidays at breakneck speed? What does Santa Claus do to relax? Read on! The History of Christmas Presents: Why Santa Claus Gives Gifts? I wanted to take a moment to try to answer a question many of you may have: why Santa Claus gives gifts? 12 Helpful Ways I Manage Stress During the Holidays, Or ... Why does Santa eat so many cookies? You'll find out while I share my tips on how I manage stress during the holidays.

  • Bring the Magic of Christmas to Hermosa Beach with a Professional Santa Claus Entertainer

    HOME / Locations / Bring the Magic of Christmas to Hermosa Beach with a Professional Santa Claus Entertainer Are you looking to add some holiday cheer to your event in Hermosa Beach or in nearby cities like Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, or Lawndale? Want to create a memorable experience for your guests? Five-Star Santa Claus on Gig Salad Proudly Serving Hermosa Beach and Neighboring Communities Whether you need a Santa Claus in , House of Kringle is ready to bring the best, real beard Santa Claus to your Hermosa Beach home, office or community event! Discover the Magic of House of Kringle! Our Santa Claus entertainer is not your ordinary impersonator. With his lifelike beard, twinkling eyes, and jolly smile, he brings the essence of Christmas to life. Your guests will be enchanted by his charming personality and the happiness he brings to your celebration. ​ Our Santa Claus entertainer goes above and beyond to make your event special. With years of experience, a background check, and liability insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your event will be safe and joyful for all. And with a 5-star rating on GigSalad, you can trust that your guests are in for a truly memorable experience. What Our Clients Say ​ Don't settle for a dull holiday celebration in Hermosa Beach or surrounding cities. Book our professional Santa Claus entertainer today and bring the magic of Christmas to your event. Contact us now to secure your date and let the spirit of Christmas shine. Book House of Kringle Today for a ... Live Visit Virtual Visit Video Message Proudly Serving Hermosa Beach and Neighboring Communities Lawndale Torrance Manhattan Beach Palos Verdes Estates Redondo Beach Hermosa Beach is a city located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is situated approximately 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and 6 miles south of the Los Angeles International Airport. Hermosa Beach is bordered by the cities of Manhattan Beach to the north and Redondo Beach to the south. It is known for its beautiful beach, which attracts surfers and sunbathers, as well as its vibrant nightlife scene, which includes many bars, clubs, and restaurants along the Hermosa Beach Pier. Additionally, Hermosa Beach is home to several parks and recreational opportunities, including the Hermosa Valley Greenbelt, which features a bike path and a playground. Looking for Nearby Holiday Fun? Need a real-bearded Santa Claus in Los Angeles County ? From Pasadena to Long Beach and Northridge to Whittier , House of Kringle is ready to make ythis holiday season one you won't soon forget!

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