Santa Claus Videos for Kids

As the holidays approach, many of us are thinking about all the things we want to do with our children. This year, consider adding one more item to your list: watching Santa Claus videos for kids!  After all, no matter how old you get or what you believe in now as an adult, there's a good chance that you still love hearing Christmas stories and watching Christmas movies from time to time. For those little ones at home who can't quite grasp the idea of someone living at the North Pole delivering presents on Christmas Eve - try these videos for kids! You may be surprised by how much they enjoy them too!

Are you ready to experience the magic of House of Kringle? Our Santa Claus is ready and waiting to come down your chimney. Or, at least your WIFI connection. House of Kringle presents a variety of ways to interact with Old St. Nick, whether you are looking for a virtual experience, or a live, in-person appearance.


We have enchanting encounters and magical moments just waiting to be discovered… or rather, ordered. Learn all about the different ways you can connect with Santa Claus this holiday season!

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