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House of Kringle

The House of Kringle is excited to bring Santa Claus to where you are at this very moment…on your phone. That’s right, Santa isn’t too old to know how to work his social media profiles! He is always around to give you a glimpse into the North Pole and even his workshop. Look closely, you might even see an elf or two prancing around!

Think of how happy your children (and even you) will be when you get a notification that Santa Claus himself is live-streaming! These are non-personalized mini experiences with Santa that are free and open to all. What’s Santa Claus doing on a regular Tuesday afternoon? Well, you’ll just have to follow House of Kringle in order to find out!

Follow us down to the North Pole by connecting with us on all of our social media accounts. You can find House of Kringle on:

  • Facebook - Stay in the know with all of House of Kringle's activities

  • Instagram - All the pics and Christmas feels

  • Youtube - Videos of Stories, Songs & More

  • TikTok - Funny Santa Videos

  • Twitter - House of Kringle's musings

  • Twitch - Yup! Santa plays games! Come hang out!

  • Follow House of Kringle on Facebook
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  • Follow House of Kringle on Twitter
  • Follow House of Kringle on Twitch

Jeez, is there anywhere our Santa Claus isn’t? Nope, which is why it is even easier for you to connect with the House of Kringle.

So, what kind of jolly adventures can you expect from our social media profiles? We offer many different types of live-streaming experiences, from stories, chats, games, crafts and more! Have a special request for Santa Claus? Maybe you want to hear him read your favorite story, or sing one of your favorite carols… or even your favorite Taylor Swift song. We can’t make any promises about the Taylor Swift stuff, but our Santa does have a lot of songs and stories to share. You don’t need to worry about mailing Santa letters, just slide right into our DM’s and tell us what you’d like to see!

House of Kringle isn’t just a place to book Santa Claus. We are a community committed to spreading kindness and all things good to one another. That’s why you can watch our ‘Nice Update’ where Santa Claus keeps a running list of who has been naughty or nice. Would it make your child’s eyes light up to be mentioned on our ‘Nice Update?’ Just send us a message on any of our profiles, and you just might hear their name on one of Santa’s live-streams! Plus, the child mentioned in the Nice Update will receive a certified certificate of Niceness from Santa himself!

Have a question for the guy in the red suit? You’re not the only one! That’s why we encourage all of our believers to contact us by either email or on any of our social media accounts. Submit your question for free and maybe Santa will answer it in one of his live-streams. Be sure to follow House of Kringle so you don’t miss out!

Take the spirit of Christmas wherever you go. House of Kringle is always just one click away!

Follow us now!

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