Are you ready to experience the magic of House of Kringle? Our Santa Claus is ready and waiting to come down your chimney. Or, at least your Wi-F- connection. House of Kringle presents a variety of ways to interact with Old St. Nick, whether you are looking for a virtual experience, or a live, in-person appearance.


We have enchanting encounters and magical moments just waiting to be discovered… or rather, ordered. Learn all about the different ways you can connect with Santa Claus this holiday season!

Santa Claus Tree Lighting Union Station Los Angeles

Book Santa for a Live Visit

Whether you are looking for an intimate home adventure or need the most authentic Santa for your large-scale event, the House of Kringle will deliver.

Santa Claus peers around a Christmas Tree

Book Santa for a Live Video Call

Virtual Visits with Santa Claus – Live Video Chats – Chat with Santa Claus live from the House of Kringle. Skype, Facetime or Zoom with Santa Claus instead of visiting Santa Claus at the mall. Live Video Chats with Santa Claus save you time and money!

Santa Claus rests against a chair

Book Santa for a Recorded Video Message

A video message from House of Kringle is the perfect gift for those who are hard to shop for and for those whom you cherish most dearly.