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How does Santa Claus get all over the world in just one night?

Why does Santa have the same wrapping paper as my mom?

Is the mall Santa the REAL Santa?

We don’t have a chimney.

How will Santa get in?

How does Santa Claus really know if kids have been bad or good?

... Santa Has ALL the Answers!

When your child asks about Santa Claus, do you ever feel like your answers come up a little short? Keeping the magic alive is tough when being put on the spot. Even an older kid talking to a younger sibling about how Santa delivers presents all in one night - or how he fits down the chimney - can be quite comical when there’s no easy answer. Keeping the magic alve is part of the fun in maintaining the spirit of Santa Claus. We came up with a list of questions to ask Santa and have provided his answers for you here. Merry Christmas!

20 Answers to Questions Kids Ask About Santa Claus

Why does Santa Claus give gifts?

Santa gives gifts to encourage us to be selflessly generous to one another - without asking for thanks or recognition.

Why does Santa Claus have a big sack?

Santa has a big sack to carry all of the toys he delivers to all of the children in the world - in one night. The sack is actually bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?

Santa’s reindeers names’ are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner (sometimes called Donder or Dunder by her family), Blitzen and, finally, Rudolph. Blitzen tried the name Blixem for a short while, but didn’t like having to spell it to others. If the subject is ever brought up, Blitzen will explain that it was just a phase and change the subject.

Will Santa Claus come this year?

Santa comes every year on Christmas Eve. He arrives at your home shortly after you’ve started dreaming, so, get to sleep quickly so Santa can stay on his schedule.

How does Santa Claus get down the chimney?

Slowly. Inch by inch. Fast descents are not desirable.

Does Santa Claus like chocolate milk and hot chocolate?

Santa loves both cold chocolate milk and hot cocoa, but he prefers plain chilled milk with his cookies.

How does Santa Claus laugh?

People say that Santa’s laugh sounds like “ho ho ho”, but the real Santa’s laugh is deep, joyful and infectious. When Santa starts laughing, everyone around wants to join in on the laughter. If someone looks like Santa, but says “ho ho ho”, they’re probably one of Santa’s Helpers.

How tall is Santa Claus?

About this tall.

What is Santa Claus in Spanish?

Papá Noel and San Nicolás are both acceptable. In many Latin American countries, Santa Clós or Santa Cló works just fine.

How does Santa Claus enter the house?

Traditionally, Santa comes down the chimney, but that entrance always leaves his suit dirty from the chimney soot. Lately, he’s started using a magic key that lets him enter your home, but it only works on Christmas Eve.

When is Santa Claus’s birthday?

Santa is a little fuzzy on the actual date of his birthday, but Santa Claus’s birthday is often reported to be the 15th of March. If you ask, you may get a roundabout answer since he’s not used to having a fuss made about him.

What’s Santa Claus’s wife’s name?

Catherine Claus, but Santa, and her friends, call her Katie.

How old is Santa Claus’s wife?

Katie Claus is younger than Santa Claus, but older than you and I. And that’s all she’ll say on that topic.

Can Santa Claus read minds?

No, but the adults in your life sure can.

Does Santa Claus like cookies?

Santa doesn’t like cookies - Santa LOVES cookies. He keeps cookies next to him while he works at the North Pole. His favorite cookie is a Snickerdoodle. He loves Snickerdoodles because they don’t make a mess on his white gloves. And the word Snickerdoodle is just fun to say!

How does Santa Claus get all over the world in just one night?

The only time zone at the North Pole is Christmas Time. Christmas Time is different from all of the other time zones, so it works in it’s own way and allows Santa Claus to deliver presents in just one night.

Why does Santa have the same wrapping paper as my mom?

Because Santa, like your Mom, really loves a good sale on Christmas wrapping paper

Is the mall Santa the REAL Santa?

It might or might not be the REAL Santa as he tries to get out and meet as many children as possible. It could be one of Santa’s helpers who helps out when things get busy. Rest assured, they will share your Christmas wishes to Santa Claus directly.

We don’t have a chimney. How will Santa get in?

Traditionally, Santa comes down the chimney, but the chimney would always get his red suit dirty from the soot. Lately, he’s started using a magic key that lets him enter your home, but it only works on Christmas Eve. The magic key is still in beta mode, so be sure to put out the fire in the fireplace before going to sleep.

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